Many of our local societies and board members have provided slideshows and documents to help disseminate rose education across the country. Please enjoy access to those resources, and if you have any contributions you would like to submit for review, please fill out the following form.

 "A Salute to the American Spirit"                           

Diane Schrift — May 5, 2015

 "Chemical Safety"                           

Jolene Adams — 2015

 "David Austin English Roses"                           

Pat Hibbard — 2006

 "Diseases of Roses"                           

John & Mitchie Moe — March 2015


John & Mitchie Moe — February 2015

 "Playing Bee in the Rose Garden"                           

Julian Smith — 2015

 "Basic Rose Culture"— Soil & Water                          

John & Mitchie Moe — February 2015


 "Consulting Rosarian Program"                         

John & Mitchie Moe — March 2015


"Kidz n' Roses" Introduction, Super Soil, The Good The Bad and The Bugly & Classes and Shapes

Leota Stevens — March 2012

"Photographing Roses" Series

Dr. Susan Brandt Graham — 2017


ARS Trivia

Steve Jones — Updated August 2019

 2020 New Rose Introductions                           

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