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Novice Class 11-9-Parnell Rose Garden, NZ - Lynn Hunt
Novice Class 13-11-Simthsonian Rose Garden - Charlie Brannon
Novice Class 11-9-Longwood Gardens - Lynn Hunt
Novice Class 11-9 - First Place -Biltmore Gardens - Lynn Hunt
Judges Class 14-Franciscan Monestary - Curtis Aumiller
Class 12_1st Place -Walk Way E.M. Mills Rose Garden - Deborah Holihan
Class 10_3rd Place-Sunrise in the Rose Garden - Corky Thacker
Class 10_4th Place -Lewis Ginter Rose Garden - Pamela Powers
3rd 10a_John Mattia-RogerWilliamsVictorianRoseGarden1288
2nd 10b_Carol Bowen_El Rosedal Garden
10a-31-Tyler Rose Garden
2nd 10c_Fran Brooks-Rose Garden at Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC
11-10b-12-Tuscon Private Garden
10b-31-Shreveport Rose Garden
Class 11-Lewis Ginter Rose Garden & Pergola - Pam Powers
1st 10C_Gustave Banks_Mills Rose Garden
2nd 11-10b_Harvey Feinstein_Rambling Rose

With education being at the forefront of the ARS' mission, rose-growing science is continuously evolving. From partnering with universities to research diseases to working with local rose societies that host schools, seminars and symposiums all across the country. The American Rose Society is the leading archive of research for 125 years worth of rose-learning and education.


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