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2023 ARS National Rose Convention

2023 ARS National Rose Convention: Hello Rose Lovers!

May 5-7, 2023 | The American Rose Center, Shreveport, LA

It was time to celebrate this “Crown Jewel” of the American Rose Society. Most of us have never been there but after seeing the great article and photos by Marilyn Wellan in the March/April issue of the American Rose, didn't it make your heart desire to see the garden? This garden is our heritage and our home and now it has been transformed by the Great Garden Restoration into a stellar destination for all rose lovers.

The Gardens & Tours

The American Rose Center – you need to come. It is TIME TO COME HOME TO THE ROSES!

Sunday, May 7: We’ll also schedule meetings, garden tours and the ARS Board meeting.

This convention included a rose show at the American Rose Center (ARC) as well as all the wonderful speakers and events we love to attend at ARS conventions.

The Vendors

Rose Show Prep & Judging

Rose Show: Friday, May 5th

The Rose Show


Dinner & Dancing

Saturday, May 6: Included exciting events in the rose garden and Klima Hall ending in a Celebration Awards Banquet

The People

The Award Ceremonies

Rose Show chaired by: Linda Clark of San Diego, CA and Billie Flynn, of Alexandria, LA.

Convention chaired by: Ruth Tiffany, San Diego, CA and Carrie Bergs, Milwaukee, WI, with

the support of a committee representing local and distant societies.

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