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  • Gerry Mahoney

Our Rosy World - Consulting Rosarians

Article from Roses & You, January 2019

When recently asked what is a Consulting Rosarian (CR), my first thought was the answer to this question is obvious. However, after giving it more thought, I must agree with the description one rosarian used – a CR is a “Rose Evangelist.” This describes a person with a passion for growing roses and sharing knowledge, So, how do you become a Consulting Rosarian? There are qualifications that need to be met – as well as having a desire to share rose information…

But first, a candidate must be 18 years of age, a member of the American Rose Society for 3 consecutive years and have grown roses for five years. They must also be an active member of a local rose society. There is other criteria which are found in the Consulting Rosarian manual under Education / Publications at the ARS website

After meeting the criteria, attending a Consulting Rosarian school, taking the test (and passing it), candidates are certified as Consulting Rosarians. But – the story should not end there. The CRs are ambassadors of the ARS. Since 1920 they have represented the ARS in direct interactions with the public. Being an active Consulting Rosarian is more than an obligation to share technical knowledge; it is a call to service. It involves participation in every aspect of the rose society, to which they belong. The object is to HELP others and to stimulate interest in growing roses; and promoting the growth and the rose society to which they belong. Most of these things cannot be done sitting behind a computer, or on the couch. As Consulting Rosarians, we need to be out in the public as much as possible – getting our hands dirty in gardens and putting out the word about how amazing the world of roses can be.

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