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Why Join a Local Rose Society?

I joined my first local rose society back in 2004 just to learn how to grow roses and make my wife happy. I had no intention of staying a member any longer than I had to. But, along the way, the rose had a different idea, and introduced me to some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Here we are all of these years later, and I’m a consulting Rosarian; horticulture judge; co-editor of two newsletters; hybridizer of countless roses; member of three local societies, the Yankee District, the ARS, and the Rose Hybridizers Association.

The love of my wife and the pursuit making her happy, may have introduced me to roses, rose societies and all of the wonderful members, but these same people kept me coming back, and wanting more, and what a journey this flower we all enjoy, the rose, hath set forth for me.

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