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Rising Stars Award


In our desire to further the ARS mission to promote the culture and appreciation of the rose, through education and research, as well as our desire to continue the work of ARS into perpetuity; we have established the annual RISING STARS AWARD for up to five upcoming new stars in the rose world. Our hope is to recognize and honor the work the next generation of rosarians is doing in support of the culture and appreciation of the rose.

Award Requirements

This award is intended to be given to up to 5 individuals per year age 45 or younger for outstanding achievement by an individual in promoting the culture and appreciation of the rose – our National Floral Emblem. Nominees must be submitted by a current ARS member. Nominees do not need to be ARS members but must be 45 years of age or younger at the time the nomination was received.

Acts Worthy of Recognition

The following shall be used as general guidance to identify activities that are deemed worthy of nomination for consideration:

Young individuals who are doing outstanding work in promoting the culture and appreciation of the rose. Including but not limited to the areas of rose Education, Research, Preservation, Industry, Hybridizing, Photography, Arranging, Culinary Arts, Art, Design, Innovation, ARS and Local Society Volunteering.

Nomination Process and Award

Nominations will be received annually. Nominations may be made by any ARS member. To nominate an individual the nominator should complete a nomination form available from ARS Headquarters and, attaching supporting documentation and submit the same to both the ARS Executive Director, ARS President & ARS Membership Committee Chairman with copy to the Assistant to the Executive Director. All materials must be received by July 1st of the year of the award.

Winners will be recognized at the Fall ARS National Conference Banquet, a story about their work will be featured in American Rose magazine and they will receive a 1 year FREE membership to the ARS.

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