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New Year’s Resolutions

by ’Pop’ Warner, Master Rosarian, Golden Triangle Rose Society.

Excerpt from A Year In the Rose Garden. The Wit and Wisdom of “Pop” Warner, written January 1991

  1. I will continue to give space to some very fragrant roses just to make beautiful bouquets smell beautiful.

  2. I will keep my beds clean and reasonably well-groomed so passers-by will enjoy the roses more.

  3. I will go out of my way to encourage new growers. And I will tell them about the advantage of belonging to the American Rose Society.

  4. I will spray religiously once a week for black spot and mildew.

  5. I will try to check the spider mites before they start defoliating the roses.

  6. I will use insecticides sparingly, only where and when needed.

  7. I will remember that water is more important than fertilizer.

  8. I will try to avoid letting any weeds go to seed and regenerate themselves.

  9. I will take fewer and better roses to the spring show. (Well, I will at least try.)

  10. I will take better care of my equipment so I will have more time for enjoying the roses instead of making repairs.

  11. I will look for the beauty of the roses instead of dwelling on their faults. I will try to do the same with the people who grow them.

  12. I will remind myself regularly that the people who grow roses are more important than their roses.

  13. I will call on my pleasant memories as often as I choose. They do not wear out.

  14. I will go out of my way to create some more pleasant memories for future years.

  15. I will stop putting things off; if not this year, maybe next.

'Pop Warner', photo by Rich Baer


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