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Rising Star 2019 - Sheldon Drobot


Sheldon with a his winning floribunda at the Boulder Rose Society Rose Show, photo courtesy Sheldon Drobot.

The Rocky Mountain District was pleased to nominate Dr. Sheldon Drobot for the ARS Rising Stars award based on his outstanding achievements promoting the culture and appreciation of the rose. Sheldon has a passion for roses, especially floribundas, and he is known as “Dr. Floribunda” to Denver Rose Society members. Sheldon is currently a Vice President of the Denver Rose Society and he is show chair for the rose show.

Sheldon grows more than 100 roses at his home – including many of his beloved floribundas, but also a healthy number of hybrid teas, minis, minifloras, shrubs, polyanthas and OGRs. He has placed Sheldon with a his winning floribunda at the Boulder Rose numerous entries on the Society Rose Show, photo courtesy Sheldon Drobot.

awards table at Denver

Rose Society rose shows, as well as shows hosted by Pikes Peak Rose Society and Northern Colorado Rose Society. He won best in show in 2017 at the Northern Colorado show with ‘Diamond Eyes’. He has also been a tabulator at DRS shows and clerked DRS, Pikes Peak, and Northern Colorado shows, as well as the 2018 National Mini Show in Jacksonville, Florida.

Outside of show events, Sheldon is an active member of the Rocky Mountain District and Denver Rose Society. In 2017, he gave a talk to the Denver Rose Society on weather and roses, “Why Does it Always Hail the Day Before the Rose Show and Other Weather Questions You Have Always Had?“, and published a companion article. As part of being show chair he has also written several show-themed articles for the Denver Rose Society newsletter.

As evidence of his community outreach interests, Sheldon has participated in several volunteer efforts at nurseries around the Denver metro area, interacting with the public and helping new rose growers pick out varieties and understand how best to plant them for long-term success. Over the last few years, Sheldon helped several local families in the Boulder area better understand how to care for roses already planted when they moved in, and guided them to nurseries and websites to pick out new specimens that are known to grow well in Colorado. He also is known to cut blooms throughout the summer and hand them out to friends, co-workers and passers-by.

Sheldon Drobot giving a TEDx Talk, photo courtesy Sheldon Drobot.

Sheldon Drobot giving a TEDx Talk, photo courtesy Sheldon Drobot.

We think Sheldon’s accomplishments and potential embody the spirit of the ARS Rising Stars award. His efforts have already contributed to growth of rose awareness in Colorado and created lasting and positive linkages of roses in the Denver Rose Society, the Rocky Mountain District and the public.

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