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  • Robert B. Martin, Jr.

Top Exhibition Roses

For the 49th consecutive year, the American Rose presents its annual survey of the top exhibition roses, with tabulations for the prior 10- and five-year periods. The tables include the complete reported results of the 2018 show season.

With few exceptions, all of the roses in these tabulations are also fine garden roses, as evidenced by their relatively high RIR garden ratings.


In the miniatures, ‘Joy’ again bested ‘Bee’s Knees’ Award symbols follow the typography of the

as the top exhibition miniature by an even larger Handbook for Selecting Roses:

margin than in previous years. ‘Daddy Frank’ * ARS Member’s Choice; @ AARS winner;

pushed into number three. The biggest upward # AOE Winner; & ARC Trial Grounds Winner

move was recorded by ‘The Lighthouse’, up seven.

‘Dr. Tommy Cairns’ was new.

TOP: ‘Bee’s Knees’, Dona Martin

BOTTOM: ‘Joy’, Dona Martin


In the minifloras, ‘Whirlaway’ widened its lead as number one, followed by the reclassified ‘Nancy Jean’. ‘Tammy Clemons’ continued its rise into the top 10, while ‘Bold Ruler’ was new.

TOP: ‘Whirlaway’, Dona Martin

BOTTOM LEFT: ‘Tammy Clemons’, Dona Martin

BOTTOM RIGHT: ‘Butter Cream’, Dona Martin


In the hybrid teas, ‘Moonstone’ continued as number one followed again by ‘Veterans’ Honor’ and ‘Gemini’. ‘Mr. Caleb’ made the largest upward move, up eight positions to number 16.

‘Ring of Fire’ was new, debuting at number 17. Other newcomers included ‘Grande Amore’ and ‘Sunny Sundays’.

TOP LEFT: ‘Moonstone’, Dona Martin

TOP RIGHT: ‘Mr. Caleb’, Dona Martin

LOWER RIGHT: ‘Ring of Fire’, Dona Martin


For floribundas, ‘Hannah Gordon’ continued to outpace ‘Lavaglut’ at the top. ‘Sparkle & Shine’ continued its climb into the top 10, while the largest upward move was recorded by ‘Dancing Pink’, up 10 positions.

LEFT. TOP TO BOTTOM: ‘Passionate Kisses’, ‘Dancing Pink’, ‘Lavaglut’, ‘Sparkle & Shine’, all Dona Martin;

BOTTOM RIGHT: ‘Hannah Gordon’, Dona Martin.

Published in March/April 2019 American Rose.

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