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Roses Coast to Coast: 2018 Annual Fund

Tour: Rose Treasures of

New Orleans French Quarter & More

from Marilyn Wellan & Leo Watermeier

Tour for Two of Will Radler’s

Private Garden & Lunch al fresco

from Will Radler & Rose Innovations

& Gaye Hammond

Marilyn Wellan Tour of the

Restored American Rose Center & Lunch with Staff

from Marilyn Wellan

Rose Garden Tour & Dinner

from Bob & Dona Martin

Longwood Gardens Private Tour

from Longwood Gardens

Star Roses & Plants Tour

from Star Roses & Plants

2019 Biltmore International Rose Trials

Complimentary admission, opening reception,

attend the judging, awards banquet

from Biltmore

Chambersville Rose Gardens &

Farmers’ Branch Rose Gardens Tours

with Claude Graves and Pam Smith

from Claude & Pam Graves and Pam Smith

Custom Designed Stoneware Container

from Marilyn Wellan

Kathy Wyckoff’s ‘Rainbow Sorbet’

(print reproduction of original pastel art

by Kathy Wyckoff)

from Kathy Wyckoff

Case of HRS Fertilizer

from Larry Schock

3 Year ARS Membership

from Pat Shanley

Two Denim ARS Shirts

from Gaye Hammond


(a tree at America’s Rose Garden named for winner)

from American Rose Society

Garden Spot

(a special place in America’s Rose Garden

named after winner for five years)

from American Rose Society

50 Rose Garden Labels & Stakes

(Official Signage of the American Rose Center)

from AAA Quality Engravers

& Marilyn Wellan

Tell Your Rose Story

In American Rose

from American Rose Society

Collection of Classic Rose Books

(from the ARS Library)

from American Rose Society

-autographed copy-

A Year In My Rose Garden

from Teresa Mosher

-autographed copy-

The Rose Rustlers

from American Rose Society

-autographed copy-

The Sustainable Rose Garden

from Gaye Hammond

-autographed copy-

Empress of The Garden

& 4 Rosebushes

from Antique Rose Emporium

-autographed copy-

A Garden Book for Houston

and the Texas Gulf Coast

from Bruce Monroe

12 Rosebushes

from Weeks Roses

12 Rosebushes

from David Austin Roses

12 Rosebushes

from Star Roses & Plants

3 Gaye Hammond Roses

from Gaye Hammond

12 Rosebushes

from Weeks Roses


For every $125 donated, your name will be entered in to the giveaway. Travel and accommodations are not included with any tour prizes. To see the rules and regulations, click here.

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