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Entering a Rose Show

Have you ever gone outside, picked a few blooms of something, brought them inside, plunked them in a vase and then sort of ‘fiddled’ with them. Well, you are an arranger.

In the rose shows we have classes for ‘fiddlers’ like yourself. They are called exhibitors. Sometimes this takes the form of horticulture exhibits , where only the blooms are displayed in a specific manner, and sometimes these blooms are staged with other material in vases and are created to make a rose arrangement. This is called the Design division.

How does one get from the home ‘fiddler’ to the show arranger?

Usually this starts by visiting a show previously and becoming somewhat familiar with the group that is putting on the show. In almost all cases, you do not need to be a member of a particular club to enter their show.

At every show where there is a Design division, there will be someone designated to be in charge of securing space, giving assistance and advice to the exhibitor. This person can usually be found by contacting anyone in the club, or in any promotional material about the upcoming show. This person will very happily guide you through the process and make sure you have a proper place to place your entry. Usually, it is most helpful to make this contact several days before the show.

Sometimes, there are workshops before a show for anyone who wishes to enter the show. This is the time to get everyone on the same page as to requirements, give assistance and sometimes to loan supplies like backboards, if they are required.

On the ARS website there are several Arranger Bulletins that feature the different kinds of arrangements that are usually found in Rose Shows. This is a great place to get some wonderful information and ideas.

We love our roses and we want to display them from our nightstands, to Drs. Offices, to the show room.

Even if you don’t want to enter a show at this time, it is with great enthusiasm that the ‘fiddlers’ want to share information and help, as you expand your horizon and enjoy your wonderful hobby with your roses.

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