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You may have noticed some new things about the American Rose Society's website lately...

We have upgraded!! We are excited to have worked on this project with such a fantastic team and are ecstatic about what we've done so far and what lies in the days ahead! It's going to be a very rosy future.

Some new features you may notice immediately:

  • More Rose resources are publicly available

  • Membership Account information is more secure than ever!

(ProTip: create your member account on our site using the e-mail you have listed with ARS and see your membership details!)

Modern Roses dB ( still uses the registration code found in your latest issue of American Rose.

  • There's a new calendar! It's a Google Calendar that can be share across all social media platforms, as well as gives organizers the ability to modify their own events.

  • We have a new storefront and many new items in our gift shop! Keep track of all your billing information in one secure place!

  • Our new site aims to be user-friendly and easy to navigate for all of our rose friends! Please check out our super handy search bar!

  • Our Archives are Coming!!! The American Rose Society will be publishing its archival information like historical events, contests, medal recipients, trophy winners, trial programs, and much more! With a 126 years under our belt, it's important that we not only highlight what we can do with roses today, but also pay homage to our storied history!

If you have any questions, email for further assistance. If you'd like to provide feedback on these changes, please Click Here.

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