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The James Alexander Gamble Fragrance Award

The James Alexander Gamble Fragrance Medal is awarded to outstanding new, very fragrant roses. The selection is made by the ARS Prizes and Awards Committee for the rose considered the most fragrant in municipal and private gardens throughout the United States over a five-year period. The rose must be registered and must be rated at least 7.5 in the Handbook for Selecting Roses. It is not mandatory that a rose be selected yearly for this medal. The “new” rose must have received its registration within fifteen years prior to the award, but not less than five years.

Awards are only to be made when an outstanding new fragrant variety is available. The medal is to be awarded to the hybridizer of the named rose at the Fall Annual Meeting of the American Rose Society.

Download the press release below.

2022 Gamble Award Winner Announced
Download PDF • 233KB

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