Dedicated to America’s favorite flower: the Rose!


Thank you for your interest in photography at the Gardens of the American Rose Center. Observance of these
rules will allow our gardens to remain open and available to photographers and the public for all to enjoy.
We expect all photographers, both amateurs and professionals, to obey rules of the garden found in the pages of
our complimentary garden maps,and other rules as may be posted throughout the gardens or as listed below.
Please be courteous and make every effort not to disturb other guests. Please do not damage any plants or
property. Many of our plants are rare specimens and cannot be replaced. Please feel free to post photographs to
our national

Specific garden locations may not be reserved in advance. Our garden is open to the public and photography may
not interfere with our normal operations. Operating hours are posted at the front entrance. Circumstances beyond
our control may require the American Rose Center to close without prior notice to visitors.

Absolutely no alcohol or firearms are allowed on the premises at any time. Pets are limited to two household
animals and must be on leash at all times,having all proper vaccinations and licenses. No livestock or exotic
animals are allowed. No littering or cake “smashing” or other disruptive activities are allowed. No standing or
posing within the boundary of gardens. Signs and markers may not be moved. Absolutely no alteration of property
is allowed. All speed limits must be observed and parking is in designated areas only. Absolutely no vehicles are
allowed in the garden areas. Children must be supervised at all times. Absolutely no wading in water features.
Absolutely no climbing on trees or structures is allowed. All liability for injuries and/or damages is assumed by the

Violation of any of these policies will result in ejection from the property and prohibition from future entry, as well
as retention of any damage deposits.


nonrefundable fee of $50 per session (a session is any sitting within the same visit for the same
individual/family/organized group) is payable to the American Rose Society,Inc. in advance of taking photographs
in the garden. Our business office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This fee is payable
during these times only. Dates may be rescheduled as available due to inclement weather.

refundable damage deposit of $100 cash or credit card is due upon payment of the above fee and scheduling of a
specific time (date and time of day) for photography.

Absolutely no professional photography is allowed within the Sawyer Meditation & Prayer Garden at any time.
This area is set aside as a place of quiet solitude and personal reflection.

REMINDER: Photography guidelines, as outlined above, apply to both professional and amateur photographers.

Thank you, again, for helping us to keep the American Rose Center beautiful and open for everyone.