Dedicated to America’s favorite flower: the Rose!

Windsounds Carillon Tower

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One of the central features of the Gardens of the American Rose Center is the Windsounds Carillon Tower. Actually three tall towers rising from a common base, it chimes on the quarter hours and provides a beautiful accompaniment to the many sounds of nature through the gardens. The carillon is the site of many weddings and musical performances during our seasonal special events.

Surrounding the carillon is our Hudson Heritage Garden of All-American Rose Selection roses, including the dazzling medium yellow ‘Julia Child’ Floribunda Rose on the left, name for the famous chef, and the fabulous pink blend Rose Parade Floribunda rose on the right.

Also, don’t miss the popular russet or smokey orange colored ‘Hot Cocoa’ Floribunda Rose around the back. Classified as a Climbing Miniature, the ‘Red Cascade’ rose, planted in memory of Arthur Frank, covers the entire left side of the rose beds.

2BJuliaChildHeebsh Rose-Parade

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