Dedicated to America’s favorite flower: the Rose!

Dr. Charles T. Beaird Memorial Garden

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The Dr. Charles T. Beaird Memorial Garden, along with the Cascade Fountain immediately adjacent to the Administration Building, contains many different splashes of color from roses like the mauve Floribunda Rose, ‘Blueberry Hill’, with its dark lilac blooms, and ‘Magic Carousel’, a Miniature Rose with white-to-pink petals edged in red.

The ‘Jasper Crane’ Rose next to the building is a cross between the classic Hybrid Tea Roses, ‘Mister Lincoln’ and the ‘Chrysler Imperial’. The large, medium red Hybrid Tea blooms of ‘Jasper Crane’ are among the most impressive in the garden.

Please note that wading is not allowed in our fountains and pools throughout the garden.

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