Dedicated to America’s favorite flower: the Rose!

Klima Education & Visitor Center

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The American Rose Society Education & Visitor Center is named for the late Joseph & Marion Klima, past President and benefactors of the American Rose Society. It is currently closed to the public.

Rose plantings at our entry are sponsored by the rose societies of Northern California, Nevada, and Hawaii. These all red roses include ‘Lavaglut’, a deep red floribunda rose, and ‘Fourth of July’, a red-blend large flowered climbing rose.

Plantings along the fence include the dark garnet red ‘Crimson Bouquet’, a grandiflora rose, the deep red-hot ‘Salsa’ hybrid tea rose, and the classic, deep red ‘Mister Lincoln’ hybrid tea rose with large, velvety blooms, popular with rose lovers since it’s introduction in 1965.


ARCEntrance-RayMcKibbon  Lavaglut

Fourth of July Crimson-Bouquet

Salsa Hescheles