Dedicated to America’s favorite flower: the Rose!

The Hardtner Chapel

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The Chapel, named for Jane Owen & Quintin T. Hardtner, features a rustic log structure that is the site of many garden events. Feel free to stop and meditate within the walls of this quiet chapel when it is open. Please, no food or drink inside. Notice the beautiful red rose stained glass window in the back of the chapel, donated by the Twin Cities Rose Society of Minnesota.

The garden immediately adjacent to the chapel is named for United States Congresswoman Lindy Boggs, the first woman elected to Congress from Louisiana. Note the mauve blooms of the Shrub Rose, ‘Distant Drums’, hybridized by Dr. Griffith Buck of Iowa State University.

The small circular Bridal Garden directly opposite the Chapel,  with the sundial in the center, contains roses planted to evoke happy weddings, including the beautiful, light pink Hybrid Tea Rose, ‘Bride’s Dream’, and the scarlet red-blend Grandiflora Rose called ‘Love.’

On the split rail fence beside the chapel is the Mary Johnston Garden. Mary and her husband, Senator J. Bennett Johnston, were instrumental in having the rose named as the official National Floral Emblem of the United States in 1986 by President Ronald Reagan.

(When visiting the Thigpen-Herold Administration Building lobby, see the actual Presidential Proclamation and a photograph of President Reagan signing the bill into law).

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