Dedicated to America’s favorite flower: the Rose!

Is a rose a rose by any other name?

by Ruth Tanner


Today I am thinking about various roses
And all the different kinds it exposes.

Is there just one bush, the rose that is red?
Oh no, there are hundreds of varieties instead!

What would we do in this splendid earth God has made
Were it not for roses, with pleasant scents, until they fade?

In Springtime they proudly sprout up out of the ground
To beautify the landscape all around.

God made roses so very lovely when they bloom
And the aroma they give out will add joy to any room.

But, be not deceived, within each stem of a rose comes a thorn
Compare to “life”; there is good and bad since the day we were born.

The esteem of roses is brought out in many love songs we wing
And how could you more show love than with the rose to someone you bring.

If there are so many, then what is their name,
From hundreds of kinds, are they all called the same?

No, there’s a special name for most any rosebush you desire
Like ‘Touch of Class’, ‘Chrysler Imperial’, ‘Showbiz’ and ‘Light My Fire’.

Take note, there is one rose dubbed ‘Wildberry Breeze’,
Planted next to ‘Pure Perfume’, it might cause one to sneeze.

I’m ‘Good’n Plenty’ excited about ‘America’; let’s ring the ‘Liberty Bell’
It’s an ‘Honor’ to live here, as anyone who does can surely tell.

I suggest in your garden, place ‘Ronald Reagan’ and ‘Nancy Reagan’ face-to-face
He in a ‘Black Cherry’ suit; and she in a dress trimmed in pretty ‘French Lace’.

It is no surprise that my writing discloses
What a thrill it is to attend the ‘Tournament of Roses’!

‘Lady Bird’ and ‘Barbara Bush’ are vying for the ‘Grand Prize’
But there is also ‘Laura Bush’; you might not believe your eyes!

While staying at ‘Disney Land’, let’s rent the room called ‘Lemon Zest’
We’ll enjoy ‘Sunny Days’, eating ‘Cherries & Cream’, to get a good night’s rest.

Or if we were not disturbed by the screeching ‘Night Owl’
We could camp at ‘Lover’s Lane’, if no one were on the prowl.

Don’t forget the ‘Baby Blanket’, the ‘Beach Blanket’; ‘Electric Blanket’ we can’t use;
Let’s hope we’ll all be ‘In the Mood’, to get a good night’s snooze.

Grab your ‘Yellow Jacket’, enough of this poetry and prose,
That ‘Fragrant Cloud’ overhead is pointing us to a ‘Fourth of July’ rose!