Dedicated to America’s favorite flower: the Rose!

Love is in the Air

by Jo Angelos

During the month of February we are engulfed by media and vendors with a flurry of hearts, flowers, candies, songs and the list goes on and on. Regardless if we are the grantor or the grantee of one of these Valentine novelties, love abounds in each act. This day provides an opportunity to welcome new moments with a breath of fresh air or recall those past memories which took our breath away. These Valentine tokens often reflect a “favorite,” which is connects us to a special memory — perhaps a special sight, sound or smell.

How satisfying to take a moment and allow our thoughts to meander back through special memories. Acts of kindness have a way of touching our senses to the depths of our souls. (A satisfying bite of chocolate, the smell of a fragrant rose, the overwhelming beauty of a bouquet or the soothing rhythm of a song.) They don’t have to be grand or costly-just sincere. This is the month where special memories can be recreated, as well as created.

The air-like quality of love gives us the ability to broaden our spectrums and build memories every day, but Valentine’s Day promotes a special one to fully concentrate and focus. I’ve heard people question why Valentine’s Day, with its spotlight on roses, falls in the middle of February-especially when most of us don’t have any blooming roses in our gardens. I like to think the question may provide its own answer. The reason for the celebration with roses is because we don’t have any of our own roses! When could one single, long-stemmed rose so easily flood our senses with absolute delight? I think now.

Our title suggests love is readily available, free and vital to our existence. If this is true, it should encompass a free-flowing, unrestrained movement which gives equal participation to everyone. Whether giving or receiving–everyone benefits from these accessible acts of love. The giver discovers joy in providing for another, and the recipient delights in the position of being recognized and appreciated. Each of us can nurture these acts of kindness and make a conscious effort to have them continue as a gentle breeze.

Flowing from one generation to the next, the Tri-City Rose Society records many activities in scrapbooks showing 67 years of memorable events. The reprint of the February 1954 newspaper clipping on the right tells of a membership drive, memberships were $2 and the club was one of only two Eastern Washington Rose Societies affiliated with the American Rose Society. The pages of these scrapbooks offer tangible proof of the members’ time, motivation and ultimate success. Their love of roses flourished, the membership grew, Queens of Show were awarded and here we are today!

Moving forward, it is our turn to reach out to neighbors and friends, encourage them in their gardens and ask them to become a part of our society. We have a chance to build memories and eagerly reach toward future quests. Consider giving a Tri-City Rose Society membership to a friend and encourage that person to join the ARS-only $10 for a 4-month trial membership (click here for more information). Whether we enjoy recalling memories or creating new ones, there are over 350 days each year for doing gentle acts of kindness with a healthy dose of love! Who says you can’t give a rose from your own garden in June-in the name of love.

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